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Talking Counter for iOS  

 This App count the number one by one, two by two, three by three, or with other steps the user indicts. This App supports 13 kinds of gesture counter, 1 counter by sound detection, and 1 counter by proximity detection, 1 count up + count down counter by timer. Each counter could talk in more than twenty international languages.


 Screenshot For Auto Proximity Detection
 The main features of iOS Talking Counter App
  • Includes 16 kinds of talking counters
  • Each counter could talk in more than twenty international languages
  • Timer counter support both count up and count down action.
  • The step for each counter could be updated by users.
  • Use the counter without watching the screen when we are acting.
  • Use the counter when the device is two meter away from us.
  • Select the different gestures to count .

Simple and powerful, Count in different ways, Talking in many international languages.

In many situations, we need to count one by one. two by two or three by three. For example, we exercise in the work out room, we cook in our kitchen, we do our experiments in the laboratory, we study in the classroom. With the help of this App, we could count easily.

If we travel to other countries, we have to learn to count in some international language. With the help of this App, we could learn to count in new language quickly.

If we have the event to do after several minutes, we could use the timer counter to count down by talking. Also we could select the talking unit between the second unit and the minute unit.

Some times, we like to tap our screen to count. Some times, we like to use other gestures to count such as pinch, double tap or swipe.

Sometimes, we like to count when we are acting or walking, in this case, we could use the proximity sensor detection in this App to count.

(Proximity sensor is only available in iPhone)

Sometimes, we like to count when our iOS devices are two meters away from us, in this case, we could use the sound detection in this App.

This App includes:

1)13 gesture talking counters

2)one talking counter by sound detection

3)one talking counter by proximity sensor detection (only available for iPhone)

4)timer talking counter.

The gesture could be :

1 Single Tap

2 Double Tap

3 Pinch

4 Rotation

5 Pan

6 Long Press

7 Swipe Up

8 Swipe Down

9 Swipe Left

10 Swipe Right

11 Swipe Up or Swipe Down

12 Swipe Left or Swipe Right

13 Swipe Up or Down or Left or Right

The default talking language in this App is US English. But we could select the following languages from the setting view:

1 (th-TH) Thai

2 (pt-BR) Portuguese BR

3 (sk-SK) Slovak

4 (fr-CA) French CA

5 (ro-RO) Romanian

6 (no-NO) Norwegian

7 (fi-FI) Finnish

8 (pl-PL) Polish

9 (de-DE) German

10 (nl-NL) Netherlands

11 (id-ID) Indonesian

12 (tr-TR) Turkish

13 (it-IT) Italian

14 (pt-PT) Portuguese

15 (fr-FR) French FR

15 (ru-RU) Russian

16 (es-MX) Spanish MX

17 (zh-HK) Chinese HK

18 (sv-SE) Salvador SE

19 (hu-HU) Hungarian

20 (zh-TW) Chinese TW

21 (es-ES) Spanish ES

22 (zh-CN) Chinese CN

23 (nl-BE) Dutch BE

24 (en-GB) English GB

25 (ar-SA) Argentina SA

26 (ko-KR) Korean

27 (cs-CZ) Czech

28 (en-ZA) English ZA

29 (en-AU) English AU

30 (da-DK) Danish DK

31 (en-US) English US

32 (en-IE) English IE

33 (hi-IN) Hindi IN

34 (el-GR) Greek GR

35 (ja-JP) Japanese

The default counting step is One, but we could update the step to other numbers such as 2,3,4,5.

In the timer counter, we could select to count up or count down. we could set the interval time such as 3 seconds or 1 minutes.

In the proximity sensor counter, we do not need to watch the screen of iPhone, we just cover the top of the iPhone for one seconds or two seconds, the iPhone will talk the counting.

In the sound detection counter, we need to update the sound pitch level in order to make our sound be detected by the device.

If we enable to talk when counting, this App will start detecting for the next count only after the talking for the first counting is finished.If we disable the talking, this App will start detecting for the next count about one second later after the first counting is finished.


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