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 My Talking Calculator 4.18 -  Please Do no register this shareware
My Talking Calculator 4.18

A talking calculation robot, includes standard style, detail style, mini style, cartoon style, file calculation robot, unit converter, exercise center, formula manager, log manager. Especially, the user defined parameter, the unknown variable, the memory variables make the daily calculation easy.

It could repeat talking, stop talking, talk the input key name, talk the expression , talk the result. It could talk in your own voice , if you replace the sound file according to the help document.

The registration service for this Shareware had been canceled by RegNow Digital River for several years. Please do not register it. 
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 The features of My Talking Calculator 4.18


  • It can talk the pressed key, talk the input expression, talk the result of the calculation.
  • It has four GUI styles: Standard Style, Detail Style, Mini Style, Cartoon Style.
  • The detail style can display detail steps of the calculation
  • The cartoon style is interesting to the children.
  • The embedded huge float number calculator can calculate any large float number, available for +,-,*,/,(,).
  • The memory variables can remember the latest five results of the calculation
  • The user define parameter , the system parameter and the unknown variable make the calculation easy.
  • The file calculation robot can calculate the expression in the text file directly and talk these calculation.
  • The unit converter includes Length , Area,  Volume, Speed, Energy, Press, Mass catalog tabs. The history tab of the converter can record the historical conversion. The quick check tab provide the shortcut conversion items.
  • The log manager can manage and record the daily calculation. It can repeat talking.
  • The exercise center can create the calculation test according to your preference and talk the test.
  • The formula manager can manage the important calculation and the formula .It can repeat talking.
  • You can set the value of user defined parameter from the input field directly or from the parameter dialog.
  • The robot's action of adding detail or detail filter can help the students to finish their mathematic homework immediately.